Lord Hugo Whitedorf & Dave C

by Lord Hugo Whitedorf & Dave C



When two forces collide, a lot of shit music gets made. All music by Lord Hugo, All words by. All guitar by Lord hugo, All vocals by.


released April 14, 2013

Words by Dave C.
Music by Lord Hugo.
Cover by Lord Hugo.
Dave C- Vocals, lyrics
Lord Hugo - Guitar, some vocals somewher

songwriting took place together in Dave's garage, where we spent more time pissing about than actually writing and recording songs. here is what came out, several versions of the same song, short skit-esque covers and a rather bizarre metal outing. enjoy if you can.



all rights reserved


Lord Hugo Whitedorf UK

Lord Hugo Whitedorf. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Poet. The Genius Songwriter. Or so he'd have you believe. Our noble friend has been playing and making music for several years, but only now has he opted to release the cacophony committed to recordings. Prepare for badly written songs, off key singing and audio clipping the likes of which has never been seen. ... more

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